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AME Roof Repairs Perth is the first point of call for our customers all over Perth who are having issues with their roof.

The most common calls we get are about leaking roofs, or roofs that have been structurally damaged in some way. The second most common call we get from customers is about restoring their roof, as part of a preventative maintenance process, to avoid future problems but also to make their home look much newer again.

We’re equipped and experienced in dealing with all types of roofing, including zincalume/colorbond/metal roofing, tile roofs, and even the old asbestos roofing.

Our Most Popular Services

Leaking Roof Repairs

Leaking roofs drive most of our calls. Customers will notice a ceiling starting to get mouldy, or starting to get water marks on it. This then results in a call to us, and we’ll visit the site to conduct an inspection and determine the cause of the leaks. More often than not, if it’s an older house, it’s just down to the natural deterioration over time of the roofing materials – which are typically only designed to last for 20 years or so. Once we’ve identified the cause of the leaking roof, we give our customer at least two options – we give the ‘cheapest’ option, which is the bare minimum needed to fix the problem at hand, and we give the ‘recommended’ option, which will rectify the current roof leaks and also preemptively deal with the other roof surfaces that are likely to start having the same problems in the not-too-distant future.

Ridge Capping Repairs

One of the most common issues we deal with are ridge capping problems. Either through dodgy workmanship originally (which is unfortunately the case with many newer homes), or just with the passing of the years, the cement that holds the ridge capping in place starts to deteriorate and allow the ridge caps to become loose. Usually this manifests as water that is beginning to leak into the house. Ridge capping repairs are a reasonably straight forward job for us, and make up a good chunk of the work that we do all around Perth. We’ll be happy to give you a quote for your roof.

Roof restoration is a comprehensive service that can be quite involved – so we have a separate page for that! Roof restoration can mean different things to different people. If you’re planning on selling your house, you might want to ‘restore’ your roof, in which case you’ll want it nicely painted to give your house a new lease of life and fetch top-dollar. However, if you’ve just bought or inherited the house, or you’re planning to stay for a long time, roof restoration might mean that you want it ‘rock solid’ and waterproof long into the future. The process is different for each, depending on your goals. See the roof restoration page for full details. 

Broken Tile Replacement Perth

Broken roof tiles are a fact of life. We usually get called after someone has been on the roof – maybe a solar installer, or perhaps someone was adjusting or installing a new TV antenna, or checking a skylight. The best case scenario for a broken roof tile is that you notice it BEFORE it starts to leak, and BEFORE you have a ceiling problem to deal with. If you have broken roof tiles, we can probably match the type of tile that you have, because we have a large collection of odd tiles from jobs over the years, and there’s really only a few key types of roof tile that have been common around Perth, depending on when your home was built and your roof was installed. Call us, and we’ll be happy to give you a quote for broken roof tile replacement, anywhere in Perth.

Sagging Roof Line 

A sagging roof line looks droopy, like it’s bowed down, when you view it from across the street. Usually, the cause is internal dislocation of the trusses or roof structure. The key issue with a sagging roof is that once a beam has become dislocated, it transfers more weight than is supported over onto the surrounding joins, putting them under increased pressure and increasing the risk of further roof failure or a total collapse. The first thing we do to fix a sagging roof line is a comprehensive internal inspection, followed by a report outlining the problems we’ve found. From there, we’ll give you a quote on your repair options, and tell you what we recommend.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does roof repair stop deterioration on a roof?

Yes, if it’s done properly a roof repair process will arrest the degradation of the roof, and add to its life significantly. 

What about solar systems installed on the roof?

It depends on what work needs to be done to the roof. Often times, the solar system doesn’t get in the way. Sometimes, however, it needs to be removed and then replaced. We work with a licensed electrician who does the electrical work needed, so, in the event that removal and replacement is necessary, we will include that in our quote to you. 

Do you install or repair gutters?

Yes, we deal with installation and repair of gutters. Sometimes a customer might assume a gutter is causing water ingress into the roof or ceiling void, but a comprehensive inspection by us reveals otherwise. We will carefully inspect the roof to determine the problem – including simulating a heavy downpour the roof if necessary – before any work is undertaken.

About AME Roof Repairs Perth

AME Roof Repairs Perth is headed by Tony Morrison, who is an experienced and qualified roofer, with over 20 years experience in the unique conditions of Australia’s south-west region. We’re always ready to provide advice and quotes, and are frequently across the various parts of Perth, so can get to you usually quite fast. In the case of emergency callouts, we aim to be there within 1 hour.  

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